Our Beginnings

Yumi and Matt

We met, many moons ago, on a summer day working at Superstore working as cashier and price checker. I seized upon any excuse to have Matt come replace an item for a customer. I felt that this was a subtle way to signal my interest in him.
Eventually, my winning smile and uncanny ability to remember produce codes encouraged Matt to trick me into going on a date with him. We went ice skating, even though Matt was fully aware that I was unable to skate, and that I would, terrified, clutch his hand for fear of falling. Our first kiss at the end of that date was simultaneously romantic, magical, and cheesy in the best way.

The last six years have been a whirlwind in every sense of the word, and we’re excited to be sharing this milestone with you.

The Proposal and the Ring

The Proposal Rocket

Many of you are interested in the proposal story. If you know me, you know I hate big surprises. For me, the last thing I wanted was to have a ring and proposal foisted on me- it’s just not my style. Last summer, when Matt and I decided to get engaged, we decided that the “official” proposal would take place during our San Francisco trip. Matt planned out a special dinner and kept the location secret, but we both knew that it was the night… especially since I handed Matt the ring box as we were getting ready to leave the hotel for the restaurant.

You may think that a non-surprise proposal isn’t romantic. It was for us. We had the most amazing dinner at Boulevard, and afterwards we walked onto the Embarcadero. Matt asked me to marry him, I said yes, and then we took a bunch of pictures in front of a giant rocketship statue (pictured above in daylight).
I love my engagement ring. It was hand-made by the talented Patrick Irla, an American jeweler.

The Engagement Ring

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